Tasia: Thank you for your help with finally easing the discomfort our son was feeling. He couldn’t lay on his back without spitting up, and would cry to the point of getting the shakes his reflux was so bad. So much as changing a diaper became our worst nightmare knowing what it would do to him! You were so kind, gentle and calming with him. It was such a surprise to be able to put him in his car seat after one session with you and not have to hear him cry on the drive home, and amazing to see him fall asleep on his back for the first time after his session his second session with you. Three sessions was the perfect fix so far! No tears, and one content little man! Thank you. You’re amazing! Amy and Simon Parker

My right ankle and foot was killing me for a long time. My family doctor kept giving me anti-inflammatories that didn’t really help much. One or two adjustments to my ankle joint by Dr. Lazaros and I was able to walk and to move my foot at the ankle with no issues. Georgia

Tasia has helped me to have less jaw problems and headaches. Miracle hands!!!! Karen M

The cranial work that Dr. Lazaros does with her healing hands is amazing. I had a hard time concentrating and studying from my concussions and the treatments helped me get my life back. Thank you so much!!! Stephanie

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